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VAHID JAHANDARI is a graduate student in composition at the University of Texas at Austin where he studies with Russell Pinkston, Bruce Pennycook, and Yevgeniy Sharlat. He holds a Bachelor's degree in composition from the Tehran University of Art, with an emphasis in contemporary music.

Jahandari's primary influences are derived from ancient Persian music, although he incorporates these with his own unique contemporary style. In some cases, he purposefully conflicts different musical genres by juxtaposing them within the same piece to create new musical effects. He is a big fan of polyrhythms, multi-harmony styles, Iranian modes, multi-meters, using different scales simultaneously, and is an avid follower of György Ligeti, Charles Ivas and Steve Reich, Igor Stravinsky, Thomas Ades and Arvo Pärt.

Jahandari's passion in music comes from being raised in a highly musical environment. As a piano and guitar performer, his older brother was always a present inspiration. Jahandari began his first music lessons in violin when he was just eight years old. His first attempts in composition were writing some works for solo violin at the age of 14. His childhood dream was to improve his performance techniques so that he could one day become a legendary violinist like Paganini. Besides playing violin, Jahandari started to also play piano at the age of 14. To improve his compositional techniques, he attempted to compose in variety of genres in order to earn adequate experience and discover his musical interests. Western classical, Iranian traditional, Popular, New Age, Rock, and Jazz music were the fields Jahandari tried to experiment with. Although he didn’t know principles of orchestration very well at the time, he composed a baroque violin concerto influenced by Vivaldi’s music while he was playing his concerto, The Four Seasons. By starting to take music more seriously, Jahandari decided to pursue his musical activities in an academic environment. To achieve his goal, Jahandari applied to the Art University of Tehran, which is the highest-ranked university in fine arts in all of Iran. His education in this school was fully funded with a full tuition waive. Jahandari's repertoire studies of classical music included all music history periods, especially 20th- and 21st-century composers, which provided him with a deeper understanding in order to follow their musical approaches.


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